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May 28, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of Monetization Nation with Kayleigh Christina. In the last episode, we discussed how to turn a first-time buyer into a repeat customer. In this episode, Kayleigh will share with us three ways we can better enjoy the entrepreneurial journey in a goal-oriented world and how we can work better with our business partners. 


3 Ways to Enjoy the Journey



  • Reflect Consistently



As an entrepreneur, we have the highest highs and the lowest lows. It can be hard to remember to celebrate our successes when we’re so focused on what we have to do next. 


“I'm definitely someone who can just be so focused on the next goal or the next accolade and then once I hit it, I don't even stop and celebrate it. I just keep going like, ‘Alright, what's the next one?’ . . . And, as an entrepreneur, that can be very unhealthy to do,” Kayleigh said. 


We need to make sure we recognize the goals we accomplish and celebrate them no matter how small. Since it can be so easy to overlook what we get done in the day, it’s great to reflect on our days and remember what we’ve done. 


“To be a healthy entrepreneur and have a good mindset and have a positive mindset, you have to stop and reflect on things,” Kayleigh said. “I do that in my journaling, every single day. . . . Some days, it's easier said than done. Sometimes, if it's been a really rough day, you have to dig to find the positive experience. But it's so important to stay in that state of mind.”


As we focus on the good more consistently, it will become easier, and soon we will start to notice the positive elements in our day without trying. As we stay positive, the lows won’t feel so crushing. 



  • Celebrate the Setbacks



We need to celebrate the setbacks. It can be easy to celebrate the good things that happen, but in order to stay positive and really develop a positive mindset, we also need to celebrate our mistakes. 


“The growth happens when things go wrong. You can pivot. You can figure it out. So celebrate those setbacks,” Kayleigh said. 


Mistakes are inevitable, especially when launching a new startup. We shouldn’t let those setbacks get in the way. Every mistake, every failure, is an opportunity for growth and learning. 


One time Kayleigh was in a crunch. She was about to run out of stock on Amazon, and her product bottles arrived at her house in the wrong colored labels. She panicked because she didn’t have enough time to order new product bottles with the right labels. 


She shared this story on her Instagram because she has always tried to be very real and open with her customers. After she did that, a flood of customers began messaging her saying that they actually liked the new label. Because she stayed authentic and real, Kayleigh resonated with her audience. And the only way she was able to do that is by refusing to let the negative experience take over her mindset. 


Having a negative mindset can actually create chronic stress, which upsets the body’s hormone balance, diminishes chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system (Source: University of Minnesota). When we get stressed, our ability to work effectively and efficiently goes down. 


Being positive has the opposite effect. Researchers have found that a positive mindset has health benefits such as lower levels of distress, lower rates of depression, better coping skills during hardships and times of stress, better psychological and physical well-being, and more (Source: Mayo Clinic). 


As we choose to celebrate our mistakes rather than be consumed by them, we will actually increase our chances of success. 



  • Write Down the Positive Moments



One of the ways we can overcome our setbacks is by remembering the positive moments. 


“I keep a positivity folder in my phone,” Kayleigh explained. “Every time I get a really positive email, text message, or review of Clear Stem that just completely blows my mind, blows me away, I'll screenshot it and save it to an album. . . . If I'm having a rough day and I'm feeling like I'm struggling to find the positive in the day, I'll just scroll through and read a couple of those, and you'd be really surprised [by] how it shifts your mindset.”


This is similar to the concept of when a room is dark, the only way to get rid of darkness is to fill it with something else—we have to turn on a light to replace the darkness. If we're in a spot where we feel a bit of negativity in our life, we can choose to combat that by filling our life with a little bit of positivity. 


By keeping ourselves in a really good mental state, we're going to do better for ourselves, as well as our teams. 


“Staying in a positive mindset doesn't mean you're never viewing things as a negative. It's just taking those negatives and shifting them on how you can be better. How can you improve?” Kayleigh said. “And I think that helps you carry yourself better, lead your team better, and communicate with your consumer better.”


Working Better with a Business Partner


Just as a positive mindset will help us grow personally, it will also help us grow in our teams.


Kayleigh and Danielle run Clear Stem Skincare in a partnership. While they both operate differently, they have found that staying positive, and having the same goals helps them work together effectively. 


Kayleigh gave six strategies for how to partner up and crush it. 



  • Be emotionally intelligent and kind.



When we work in teams or in a partnership, it is essential that we communicate with each other. Kayleigh and Danielle both have days when their energy is lower than others. To make sure the other person doesn’t feel like it is because of them, they make sure to communicate and tell each other when they feel off. 


By communicating and being emotionally intelligent, we avoid misunderstandings that could blow up out of proportion. But above all else, we need to remember to be kind. In partnerships, disagreements are guaranteed. No two people are the exact same. However, even when we don’t agree, we still need to be respectful and kind. 



  • Follow the 80/20 rule. 



“We've had a lot of communication around who's making decisions on what because some decisions need to be made together, but the other ones [follow the] 80/20 rule,” Kayleigh explained. “We each know our expertise, and so each has the autonomy to make decisions within those spaces.”


We need to understand that each partner will have their own roles and talents in the business. We won’t be able to agree with each other 100% of the time on everything we do. And we shouldn’t have to. We need to find our roles and have the autonomy to make choices as long as one person is 80% in. 


“Clear communication is always best and that's what propels the business forward,” Kayleigh said. “What can really hold a business [back] is not agreeing on something. At some point, you’ve got to let your ego go and just understand [your] partner has more expertise in this.”



  • Reconnect to your passions. 



This strategy goes back to step one in having a positive mindset. We should reflect on why we started our company in the first place. We can remember the passion we had when we first started a partnership and remember what our main driving force is. 


“I think sometimes people can get so caught up in business [that they] lose sight of [their passions]. It's good every once in a while just to come back to it and remind yourself why you started in the first place,” Kayleigh said. 


For Kayleigh and Danielle, that passion is helping people feel confident in their own skin. Their goal is to educate their customers so that they can have control over their health. As they reflect back on their first passions, they will have more motivation to go forward together to achieve their goals. 



  • Remember the consumer matters most. 



In our businesses, meeting our customers’ needs should be our number one priority. Everything should go back to the question, what’s in it for them? A lot of businesses forget this and focus on themselves. They talk about why their products are so great or why they’re so amazing. However, this isn’t going to work. Instead, we need to focus on how our products will help our customers, and how we can serve them better. 


“We should clearly communicate to the customer what's in it for them,” Kayleigh said. 



  • Celebrate the big moments together. 



This strategy is key when developing a positive mindset. We need to take moments to celebrate with our partner. When we take time to see how far we’ve come together, our motivation to keep going will increase. 


“Celebrating those big moments right then and there, in the present, really helps keep you healthy, keep you excited, and keep you motivated and positive,” Kayleigh said. 



  • Remember our baseline. 



As we said in the beginning, the life of an entrepreneur is filled with highs and lows. Things rarely stay constant. We need to make sure we don’t get too caught up in the success that we overlook how we can improve, while also making sure we don’t get caught in the failure and overlook our achievements. 


While we can dream big, we need to make sure we still execute the small day-to-day things that need to be done. We need to remember our baseline. 


Key Takeaways


Thank you so much Kayleigh for sharing your stories and knowledge with us today. Here are some of my key takeaways from this episode:


  1. We need to make sure we recognize the goals we accomplish and celebrate them, even the small ones. We can reflect on what we’ve done each day. 
  2. We should celebrate the setbacks. Every mistake, every failure, is an opportunity for growth and learning. 
  3. Researchers have found that a positive mindset lowers stress and increases our health. As we develop a positive mindset, we will actually increase our chances of success. 
  4.  If we're in a spot where we feel a bit of negativity in our life, we can choose to combat that by filling our life with a little bit of positivity. 
  5. Just as a positive mindset is essential to personal growth, it is also essential to growth in a partnership or team. 
  6. In our teams, we need to be respectful, emotionally intelligent, and kind. 
  7. Each partner will have their own roles and talents in the business. We won’t be able to agree with each other 100% of the time on everything we do and we shouldn’t have to. 
  8. We can take a moment to remember why we started our business in the first place to reconnect with our passions.
  9. The customer should be our first priority.
  10. We need to celebrate the big moments together, while also remembering our baseline. 


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