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Feb 6, 2021

My name is Nathan Gwilliam, the host of Monetization Nation. I will be your guide through your journey to become a better digital monetizer. Let’s imagine that you and I were going on a safari to observe African wild animals together (I’ve always wanted to do that). If we were choosing between different safari guides, would we rather hire one who has never done it before or one with a lot of experience? We would probably want a guide with many years of experience successfully helping tourists quickly navigate to the best wildlife while keeping them safe from the dangerous animals. This is similar to my role with this show; to help you navigate the most effective digital monetization strategies that can transform your profitability while helping keep you safe.

I feel so arrogant when I talk about myself, but I need to start off by telling you a little bit about me and my story so you can trust me as your guide to becoming a better digital monetizer.

I am a Creator

I am an incurable creator. For some reason, I always have to be creating and growing something. For example, I have a 5,000 square foot garden where I grow plants vertically, plus an orchard with 3 dozen trees. I have more than a dozen fruit trees growing inside my house. 

I am also a serial entrepreneur and I am passionate about creating my own businesses. I have been building digital ventures for 24 years, ever since I won the university business plan competition my junior year in college and started my first business,, in a college computer lab. With a talented team, we grew to be the world’s most-used adoption site. I’ve created and sold three digital ventures, including two that the Walt Disney Internet Group tried to buy. 

I’m also passionate about helping grow other businesses, and over the years, I’ve helped many other companies grow. For example, I worked as a part-time consultant Chief Revenue Officer for one digital company and helped them add $5 million of new revenue in 12 months. The Walt Disney Internet group also tried to buy that company. As another example, I helped a local media company in a small market to grow their social follows from less than 100,000 to more than 110 million. According to Unmetric, that local media company reached more than 40 million monthly comments, likes, and shares, which I have been told made them the most engaging social channels of any publisher for a period of time. I also created a network of sites in multiple languages which reached more 280 million monthly uniques.

Not everything I’ve done has been successful. For example, in my first episode, I shared the story of being a 25-year-old CEO of a publicly-traded software company in the year 2000 when the dotcom bubble burst and losing $11 million in a day.

What is the show about?

This Monetization Nation show is about digital monetization, which is the process of converting assets into revenue and profit. Many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other business leaders already have great assets, such as website traffic, social following, great products, technology, a book they’ve written, customer lists, data, expertise, a talented team, capital, and/or content. In this show, we will explore how to identify and more effectively monetize these assets.  

Through the Monetization Nation blog, podcast, YouTube channel, eMagazine, and social channels I will be posting stories and secrets I’ve learned from my successes and failures over decades on my journey to become a digital monetizer. My goal is to help accelerate your success as a digital monetizer. 

I will also be posting interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketers, and other digital monetizers who will share their monetization stories and secrets. I’ve already filmed 35 of these interviews. The interviews were originally about an hour each, but we’re editing them down to about 30 minutes with the best parts of the interviews to save you time. 

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