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Sep 10, 2021

Video marketing is a major tectonic shift transforming the business world today. People love video; they’re constantly watching TV, movies, YouTube videos, TikToks, and more. It is the preferred form of content for many people. In fact, 68% of consumers would rather watch videos to learn about new products or services compared to consuming other content, and 82% of consumers would rather watch live video than read social media posts (Source: WordStream).

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss four great benefits of video marketing and reviewing that Troy Howard has seen in his career. We’ll also discuss challenges and opportunities, recurring revenue, and picking the right business partner.

Troy Howard is one of the founders of SoTellUs, which I believe is the best review platform technology for businesses and I recommend it to all of my clients. Troy started his own marketing agency that has more than 3,800 clients in 27 countries. 

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