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Nov 14, 2021

For the last eight months I've been dealing with some neck issues. About two weeks ago, the issue started getting worse. I started having numbness in my right hand and feeling really sharp pains at different pressure points on my arms. It's been making it really hard for me to sleep. I can't lay on that right shoulder and I have a hard time even laying on my back. 

The other day, I went and visited an orthopedic surgeon. I had done some tests and I was expecting that he was going to tell me I had a herniated or ruptured disc in my neck, and that I had to replace that desk. But, the news he gave me was actually a lot worse. He said that my neck is so far gone that he can't even do that. So, he's doing another course of treatment where I will probably have to have some vertebrae in my neck fused.