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Sep 20, 2021

Christoph Trappe is a global top 14 content marketer, a top 40 B2B marketer, a top 100 CX thought leader, and a top 24 digital marketer. His fourth book, Going Live, recently came out. It discusses how to get more out of your podcast and content strategy, particularly through live streaming.

In today’s episode, we're going to dive deep into leveraging live streaming. We’ll also discuss Christoph’s career, technology, and how to know if we’re producing “CRAP”.

What is Live Streaming?

At the basic level, live streaming means broadcasting on the internet, typically to social media. Most social media platforms have a way for users to live stream on them. What do people do while live streaming? It could be a podcast, interview, event, unboxing, or the streamer might be playing a video game, talking about products, answering questions, etc. There are many options for what to do while live streaming; it all depends on who the streamer is, what they are an expert in, and what their audience wants.

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