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Sep 2, 2021

Andrew Romans is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and advisor for governments and corporations on Corporate Venture Capital programs. He is the CEO and General Partner of 7BC Venture Capital and the co-founder of Rubicon venture capital, a venture capital fund focused on investing in and supporting artificial intelligence (AI), FinTech, and software infrastructure startups. By the time he was 28 years old, he’d raised more than $48 million for tech startups he founded. 

Andrew is also the author of three books: The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital, Masters of Corporate Venture Capital, and Masters of Blockchain. He also hosts the podcast Fireside with a Venture Capitalist. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the difference between venture capital, angel investing, and private equity, three ways we can reduce risk in venture capital, how entrepreneurs can leverage data and technology, and Andrew’s career. 

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