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Sep 4, 2021

Bob Tiede is an expert at asking great questions and teaching other people to ask great questions. Bob has a blog called Leading with Questions, where he just celebrated his ninth anniversary. The blog is followed by leaders in more than 190 different countries. Bob is also the author of four very popular books: Now That's a Great Question, 339 Questions Jesus Asked, Great Leaders Ask Questions, and the Little Book of Big Leading with Questions Quotes

In today’s episode we’ll be discussing the best strategies to become a good leader in our businesses by asking questions.


What makes a good leader?

In 1997, Navy Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, took over command of the USS Benfold, one of America's warships. Morale on that ship was the lowest in the Navy at that time and 18 months after Abrashoff took over as captain, morale was the highest in the Navy. His key strategy to solve this problem was to listen.